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iPhone applications in PE

I have compiled a list a the iPhone applications that could benefit a PE teacher and other teachers alike. The list has the name, what type and the cost for each individual application.

Most of the compiled applications I came across were from two specific websites noted below:

1. The PE Geek

2. Handheld Learning in PE

Some of these applications would be extremely useful for teachers and their students with the use of an interactive whiteboard, with an internet connection and iPhone port. The teacher can be at the front of the room running through the application with students following.

It may be some time before the use of many of these applications can be used to their full potential, as many involve each student having access to a mobile device with an internet connection. This being the case, it won’t be long before each school inevitably makes the shift to increased technology and mobile devices for each student.

The applications can be found below:

PE Apps

This article relates to the following Professional standards: 

  • 2.6
  • 3.4
  • 4.1

Pedagogical Strategies

Quality teaching and learning strategies can be applied within the classroom setting when learning about theory of sports and contexts within physical education studies.

The use of technology within the classroom setting requires teachers to not only have a sound base of content knowledge, however also have an understanding of pedagogy and technology. The best teachers will find various ways to combine all three of these aspects, that is, pedagogical strategies, technology and context.

Technology, pedagogy and content

Challenges and Choices – Teaching and learning strategies by SDERA. Teaching and learning strategies that can be used by any teacher in any context in a classroom setting.

Edu Tech – Pedagogical techniques.

DET NSW –  Teaching and learning strategies.

New Horizons – Teaching and learning strategies.

This article relates to the following Professional standards: 

  • 1.2
  • 2.1