Don’t take Australia for granted kids!

Occasionally students and even some adults can lose track and become so self involved they can forget how lucky they are to live in a country like Australia, with education opportunities, facilities and in general, the higher standard of living.

In relation to my epistemology once again, I want to TRY to educate students on not only Health and Physical education, however morals, life skills and world issues during the course of the year, wherever I may be teaching. Health and PE will always be the focus however, small videos, quotes or comments throughout the school year could (hopefully) alter a students thoughts, or expand their thinking beyond what they are doing tonight or on the weekend to something bigger, like world issues. Always trying to push students to extend themselves is something I aim to achieve. Behaviour management could also be combated by shocking students into realising that ‘their world’ isn’t the only thing that matters.


School Project Idea – How much do you know about world poverty and how much do you care? Sacrificing one thing a week to be able to relate in some sort of way to how someone across the other side of the world may be feeling. ‘Whenever you are feeling down, just remember how lucky you are, and keep your head up. You can always ask for help”

“Try sacrificing that one red bull, or that one bag of lollies and give that money to charity. If every student in Australia, Western Australia or even Perth did this even once, it (YOU) can make a difference. Give up that energy drink in Australia so a child younger than you in Africa can have one drink of water.”

Adult idea (18-30 year olds) Over the course of one month cut back on alcohol intake or a leisure activity and donate one quarter of the money saved to world vision or a similar charity.

“You couldn’t live without your apple iPhone, some children in Africa can’t even afford a real apple.” – Gary Corley

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One thought on “Don’t take Australia for granted kids!

  1. Gary Corley October 10, 2013 at 12:35 Reply

    You make me proud.

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