Technology beware!

The world of technology is changing and changing fast! As soon as you think you are up to date with the new tablets, phones, gadgets and software, something new comes out. Students are becoming so involved with technology, they are almost forgetting how to socialise the old fashioned way (in person), or neglecting physical activity. Technology and it’s advancements are very important within the classroom in order to engage students and provide the best information and teaching pedagogies possible.

Technology has many pros, in the classroom and out, but not many people think of the cons. Some teenagers, will get home from school, sit straight down on their computer, xbox or ps3 and stay there for hours. This behaviour becomes a habit, which leads to a lack of physical exercise and in turn health problems, along with the risk of becoming withdrawn!

There has to be a mixture of technology and real life outside of the classroom. Stay connected, but don’t become lonely!

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