Focus Area 6.4

Apply professional learning and improve student learning

Graduate Proficient Highly Accomplished Lead
Demonstrate an understanding of the rationale for continued professional learning and the implications for improved student learning. Undertake professional learning programs designed to address identified student learning needs. Engage with colleagues to evaluate the effectiveness of teacher professional learning activities to address student learning needs. Advocate, participate in and lead strategies to support high-quality professional learning opportunities for colleagues that focus on improved student learning.

I have undertaken professional learning programs designed to address identified student learning needs. I have previously facilitated the Keys For Life program to year 10 students in Health Education.

“Keys for Life is a comprehensive, national award winning, evidence-based pre-driver program that assists parents, schools and agencies to educate young people about safer road use and provides licencing and graduation benefits. It can be implemented in schools with Year 10-12 students, and in agencies with young adults. The program is funded by the Road Safety Commission, administered by SDERA and delivered by registered Keys for Life facilitators.” – SDERA

We identified that the year 10 students would soon be learning how to drive and specifically taught the program during term 3 of the school year to coincide with their age. The program ensures students understand road safety and road rules and enables them to complete their Learner’s Permit test at the end of the term or 10 lesson program.



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