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Professional Learning

As a teacher it is important to remain knowledgeable and up to date with the current best teaching practices and strategies available to them. This can be achieved through professional learning activities. Professional learning can include formal learning activities, such as workshops, seminars, online learning and school based development days or informal learning, such as professional reading, reflective writing and professional meetings. It is important to aim to address both formal and informal learning activities over the three domains (Professional Knowledge, Professional Practice and Professional Engagement) and seven standards set by the Teacher Registration Board (TRB) of Western Australia. This is important, as being proficient in all seven standards across the three domains will result in continued professional development and in turn continued, improved student learning and success. A certain number of hours of professional learning need to be completed each year in order to keep a teaching registration active.

As a relief teacher at this current point in time having made the choice to travel for large amounts of time over the past three years it has been difficult for me to attend workshops and seminars provided by Western Australian public schools. For this reason I am glad I started this blog a long time ago as it gives me the ability to write down my thoughts and reflect on documents I have read in order to address the standards set by the TRB. Although I am focusing on mainly the informal side of professional learning in relation to this website and blog there are many online resources I have recently been focusing in order to address formal learning activities.

Keeping up to date with formal activities can be achieved through professional learning resources via a number of mediums:

These resources provide excellent venues for formal professional learning readily available for all teachers. Again if teachers can address both formal and informal professional learning activities across the seven standards in conjunction with continued learning and development in the school environment and classroom, it can and will provide for continued student learning and greater student success.

Professional and knowledgeable teachers = Successful students.

This article relates to the following Professional standards: 

  • 6.1
  • 6.2
  • 6.4

Technology beware!

The world of technology is changing and changing fast! As soon as you think you are up to date with the new tablets, phones, gadgets and software, something new comes out. Students are becoming so involved with technology, they are almost forgetting how to socialise the old fashioned way (in person), or neglecting physical activity. Technology and it’s advancements are very important within the classroom in order to engage students and provide the best information and teaching pedagogies possible.

Technology has many pros, in the classroom and out, but not many people think of the cons. Some teenagers, will get home from school, sit straight down on their computer, xbox or ps3 and stay there for hours. This behaviour becomes a habit, which leads to a lack of physical exercise and in turn health problems, along with the risk of becoming withdrawn!

There has to be a mixture of technology and real life outside of the classroom. Stay connected, but don’t become lonely!

Don’t take Australia for granted kids!

Occasionally students and even some adults can lose track and become so self involved they can forget how lucky they are to live in a country like Australia, with education opportunities, facilities and in general, the higher standard of living.

In relation to my epistemology once again, I want to TRY to educate students on not only Health and Physical education, however morals, life skills and world issues during the course of the year, wherever I may be teaching. Health and PE will always be the focus however, small videos, quotes or comments throughout the school year could (hopefully) alter a students thoughts, or expand their thinking beyond what they are doing tonight or on the weekend to something bigger, like world issues. Always trying to push students to extend themselves is something I aim to achieve. Behaviour management could also be combated by shocking students into realising that ‘their world’ isn’t the only thing that matters.


School Project Idea – How much do you know about world poverty and how much do you care? Sacrificing one thing a week to be able to relate in some sort of way to how someone across the other side of the world may be feeling. ‘Whenever you are feeling down, just remember how lucky you are, and keep your head up. You can always ask for help”

“Try sacrificing that one red bull, or that one bag of lollies and give that money to charity. If every student in Australia, Western Australia or even Perth did this even once, it (YOU) can make a difference. Give up that energy drink in Australia so a child younger than you in Africa can have one drink of water.”

Adult idea (18-30 year olds) Over the course of one month cut back on alcohol intake or a leisure activity and donate one quarter of the money saved to world vision or a similar charity.

“You couldn’t live without your apple iPhone, some children in Africa can’t even afford a real apple.” – Gary Corley